Mullet Fishing 2021: Fishing Days



Latest:  13/06/21:  2/03, 1/12

01/06/21:  2/14

19/05/21:  2/05 - this one managed to get the line wrapped round itself fairly early in the fight, so it came to the bank in a mess of fins and wriggling. Inevitably, it sorted itself out before I could get the net anywhere near it (of course it would...), and immediately reverted to type - an absolute PSM (Pontoon Seeking Missile). Magic.

14/05/21:  2/15 - a similar scenario to the 3/00 caught previously, and another spectacular fight from a sleek fish with an oversized tail.

11/05/21:  2/04 - quite a lot of 'Uncle Ernie' going on down below, with the float making very small movements suggestive of extremely small fish, or maybe a very careful mullet. The confirmation was a healthy bend in the rod and an enjoyable scrappy fight in the margins. This one was carrying a parasite - an isopod on the anal fin, which was very carefully removed.

22/04/21:  3/00 - and now a strong thicklip, which turned up right on cue, compared to the tidetime 'hotspots' for the day.

18/04/21:  2/13 thinlip - first mullet of the year, and very welcome; a long time since the last fish on 13/10/20. Memorable also because it's the first on the fly - many thanks to JamesE and MarkS for the heads-up regarding the thinlips' early-season weed pre-occupation, so a weed fly on the point did the job. After a lively fight, it was time to bring the hammer down... but with the 5wt fly rod, all I brought was the 'oingy-boingy'; I'm convinced that the fish only went in the landing net because it was starting to feel seasick. Satisfying to catch one using this method, after a number of very near misses last year.



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