Mullet Fishing 2020: Fishing Days



Latest:  13/10/20:  2/10, 2/06 - the second fish looked to be beyond capture, in a lagoon bordered by a vast expanse of low-tide mud, but a pre-planned landing spot proved key, after keeping the fish out in the bay while I repositioned. Still a bit 'precarious' at times, but thankfully, ended well. Another squelch across the mud to release the fish safely, and then managed to get stuck, on the way back.... standard.

12/10/20:  2/12 - surprised to see a strong bow-wave as I reeled the bait in, and thinking 'bass' and a few other non-repeatables, I quickly recast, just to be sure. Surprised, for the second time, to see the float bury itself, and the bow wave was there again, this time towards whatever the opposite of 'where I was standing' is.

09/10/20:  5/00, 1/15 - for the first fish, it was distinctly dark when the float disappeared, dark while I was struggling with the extremely fit and determined mullet, and then, suddenly seemed light, as I coaxed it into the net. Amazing how quickly the brightness level can come up, and also how tenacious one of these belligerent scrappers can be. As an aside, I thought it was snagged twice, but concluded it was just side-on, and holding - a truly impressive fight. The second fish was a real 'miniature rocket' bonus, a good day.

03/10/20:  4/13 - a marvellous fight, from another determined and fairly unhappy opponent. Although not one to dwell on negatives, in this 'diary', I lost a fish earlier in the day to a straightforward hook-pull which almost made this one look like 'fry', and despite the size and extremely enjoyable fight of the captured fish, I still drove home feeling a bit bruised.

28/09/20:  1/12, 2/04 - an unexpectedly cold start - 4 degrees - and struggled a bit, at first. After a move, the sun had time to work its magic, and I managed to put a couple in the net. Pretty happy with that.

22/09/20:  2/00 - continuing to develop a recently-identified 'opportunity', and was pleased to challenge this chap to a cheeseless 'Chedd-Off', a fish that clearly didn't want 'must try harder' on its school report. Beauty.

20/09/20:  4/08, 3/13, 1/14 - the first mullet started off grubbing about very close to the bankside, in the dark, and was very soon a bit upset, and 'not grubbing about', an alarmingly long way from the shoreline... After demonstrating its impressive '0 - 60' capabilities, it went off on a prolonged 'rant' that left me thinking I wasn't going to see what it looked like with a net wrapped around it. Later on, the second unhappy camper of the day gave me another opportunity to practice my anxiety management, and later still, his chubby friend decided to get in on the action.

14/09/20:  2/04 - very good to coax a fish from a venue that hasn't really produced for a few years. To be continued, I think.

10/09/20:  2/12, 3/00 - a hugely enjoyable day, punctuated by a couple of really nice mullet, neither of which was at all keen to hop into the net for a photo.

07/09/20:  2/08 - in the dark again, bass, bass, bass... bass... ah, Mr Chelon, I presume? Ye shall know him by his disregard for thine stress levels, even if he isn't exactly 'Müllzilla'...

06/09/20:  3/06 - one of those 'oh no, you're not...' contests, to which (s)he responded, 'you might think that, but...'. Took a bit of convincing, this one, but I prevailed, and was duly chuffed.

02/09/20:  1/08, 2/11 - couple of aspiring hooligans, happy with that.

31/08/20:  2/05 - a rare one, on the leger, after the usual catalogue of 'unmissable' missed bites.

27/08/20:  6/01 - after a veritable catalogue of disasters earlier in the day, it was way beyond pleasing to finally shake hands with this chap after a protracted contest extremely well fought (at least, by the fish, anyway...).

20/08/20:  2/11, 6/00 - the second fish, exactly what one would expect; felt like I'd hooked the bottom, then the inevitable hammering runs and head-shaking. Totally brutal and uncompromising, and took what seemed an age before it showed even the slightest indication of tiring - a proper 'tank'.

15/08/20:  2/00

11/08/20:  1/13

06/08/20:  1/15

03/08/20:  4/13 - a real 'hook and hold', although the 'hold' bit was much easier on paper than in the execution. A powerful fish that gave me a right seeing to, before totally exhausting itself in its uncompromising efforts to make a point.

31/07/20:  2/15, 5/08 - very happy with the first, from a new venue. Things went a bit flat until the tide changed direction, then noticed a few active fish, just 'upstream'. Cast, waited, thought it wasn't happening, then it did, spectacularly. After a few strong and worrying runs, it settled down into a pattern of belligerent resistance and pretty much just towed me around for a bit. Eventually tiring, it was scooped up in the net by DaveC, to whom I am extremely grateful.

29/07/20:  3/10, 2/04 - the first fish decided not to come to the bank, at all, and KeithG, with net in hand, was starting to look distinctly bored. Eventually, though, its impressive efforts took their toll, and Keith was able to get back to his own session. The captured fish was rock-hard, almost like a tuna, all muscle and bad attitude. Later on, I somehow felt that I hadn't quite ticked of all the boxes, so I stopped off on the way home, for 20 minutes or so at another venue, co-inciding with a particular tidal state. Very glad to have done so, as I was soon holding another fish.

16/07/20:  5/02 - another pointless attempt to play 'hook and hold' with a total missile. There followed an extended battle of attrition, which I eventually claimed as a success, on account that I managed not to stuff it all up. Cracking fish, huge grin... just not in the photo, with the fish present (that would be unsportsmanlike).

14/07/20:  1/11

13/07/20:  3/00 - didn't get it wrapped round the big post, didn't get it caught in the bladder wrack, didn't cut the line on the barnacle-encrusted stonework, and after a few attempts, in no way assisted by the fish itself, got it in the net. Sweet.

10/07/20:  2/08 golden-grey, another shallow-water missile. Remembered thinking, 'this one feels a bit odd...'

22/06/20:  2/02, 2/09

16/06/20:  4/03 - way down a narrow and claustrophobic channel, and not at all a sensible proposition. Evidently, we don't do 'sensible'....

15/06/20:  1/13

09/06/20:  2/00 - went off like a moderately-sized torpedo (and a much larger bass) in about twelve inches of water, and didn't stop, for a while. Then the thumping started... Must've fed on groundbait with a high Weetabix content - magic.

21/05/20:  1/12, 3/09, 3/02 - a very good day, marred only by the unwanted sight of an Emperor Turd Eagle noshing on two unfortunate Coot chicks...

13/05/20:  2/06 - great to be off the mark in 2020, after the recent and continuing grimness.

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