Mullet Fishing 2011: Review/1


Now that angling opportunities have become scarce, it's been enjoyable to look back over 2011, which turned out to be a totally excellent mullet fishing adventure.

Highs and lows     (in no particular order)

  • Caught my first mullet since I last fished for them in the early 90s

  • Landed a new personal best of 7lb 2oz

  • Realised early in 2012 that I had landed my first ever golden-grey mullet on 11/09/11, at 2lb 2oz

  • Achieved all objectives set, including the ambitious August additions

  • Mullet caught also included a couple of 5lb+ fish, at 5lb 12oz on 06/08/11, and 5lb 0oz on 14/11/11, plus two other 4lb+ fish

  • Started catching consistently at my primary venue

  • Developed knowledge so that all states of the tide can be fished

  • Caught no blasted swans ;)

  • Still haven't succeeded at all the targeted venues - to be continued in 2012

  • Only ended up in the river once, and that was intentional

  • Fell over in the mud a few times - usually when there were people watching, unfortunately

  • Dumped the camera in the river, and that wasn't a very special moment

  • Had one truly miserable trip, when I lost three mullet in the same day

    Lessons Learned

    Early 2011 was an enjoyable time of re-learning, and I was reminded how difficult it can be to catch mullet without adequate local knowledge. Although it was frustrating to see so many mullet and still attract so few bites, there was always the anticipation of hooking a fish at any moment.

    As the year progressed, I visited an increasing number of venues, but still no success. My sincere thanks to Jeff.S, who confirmed the viability of a couple of locations I'd previously picked out from aerial photos - ultimately, both proved productive.

    Throughout July, no amount of mashed bread nor baits fished at varying depths, static or trotted, had produced the desired result. The breakthrough came at the end of that month, when I adapted my approach based upon knowledge gained, and soon landed my first fish. From that point onwards, I continued to develop my understanding of the venues where I was now catching some mullet. By the end of the season, I was far more able to read the conditions and predict when fish might be forthcoming, and also, I was catching fish fairly consistently.

    The next step will be to revisit some of the venues where there have been no fish landed, and to try out some of the modified techniques there.

    Some of the venues certainly seem to be 'one fish' swims - a hooked fish can often remove any further hope of success for at least a few hours, and sometimes even longer. I would even say that they are often 'one bite' locations - opportunities can be few and it's important to capitalise by hooking those fish. Part of the problem is the predominance of bass, some up to 4lbs, but mostly smaller - these seize the bait greedily before the wily mullet can get to it.

    The bass problem appears to be most noticeable in the hours of darkness when there is a clear sky, no wind and a bright moon - there have been a couple of times when they were in an absolute frenzy and I could catch nothing else, despite the occasional swirls of large mullet.

    During October, the mashed bread really came into its own, and a number of fish were hooked under circumstances that had proven entirely unproductive earlier in the year; I shall definitely persevere with this method during early 2012, perhaps with a few modifications.

    Some brief notes about tackle and baits >>>

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